Henry Long, Ph.D., Associate Director Center for Functional Cancer Epigenetics Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
“Our experience with the ThruPLEX library prep has been extremely positive. Both at Rubicon and in our hands it has proven able to generate high quality, diverse libraries from 10x less input than other kits we have used. For us this technology truly enables the study of samples that simply weren’t possible before adopting it.”

Next-Gen Sequencing lab, University of Washington
“ThruPLEX outperformed standard NGS library preparation methods both in terms of library complexity (i.e., proportion of unique sequences) and GC-representation, particularly for precious sub-nanogram inputs.”

T.M., Myriad Genetics, Inc.
“So far, I have made NGS libraries from 5 different kits from 4 sources and ThruPLEX is the easiest/simplest protocol to follow, workflow was smooth, and there was a minimal number of reagents to keep track of. I am impressed and amazed at the “complexity” of the strategy behind the kit. I have done multiplexing of amplicons in PCR but haven’t heard of multiplexing enzymes/reactions all in one tube without purification in between, until now.”

ThruPLEX® Plasma-seq Kit

Dr. Charlie Massie, University of Cambridge
“Your ThruPLEX Plasma-seq Kit is the easiest to follow and has the most streamlines protocol (importantly with the fewest clean-up steps). We successfully made libraries from 1 ng input in this trial.”

PicoPLEX® DNA-seq Kit

Brian D. Mariani, PhD, Chief Scientist, Scientific Director, Genetics & IVF Institute
“Remarkably, the sequencing data from the PicoPLEX DNA-seq libraries of PGD embryos clearly showed two small, unbalanced segments consistent with the predicted patterns from high resolution FISH re-testing of a maternal blood sample that was initially scored as normal. This is a significant example of the sequencing data from embryos exposing a cryptic translocation missed by microarrays.”


Nick Haan, founder and CEO of BlueGnome
“SurePlex [PicoPLEX]  represents a major step forward in amplification technology…we selected SurePLEX due to its rapid protocol, highly representative amplification, and low allele dropout when compared to other amplification methods.”

Alessandro Borsatti,  Global Business director, PerkinElmer, Inc.
“The EasyAmp technology increases the sensitivity and reproducibility of any type of single-cell analysis and delivers faster, simpler, more producible results.”

Mark Hughes, Chief Scientific Officer of Genesis Genetics Institute
“We use the PicoPlex WGA technology because it reproducibly amplifies a large percentage of the genome every time, making the data sets easy to anticipate and accommodate. We especially like the predictability of this product when examining many alleles from single haploid and diploid cells.”

Dagan Wells, University of Oxford
“Using PicoPLEX we can combine highly accurate chromosome screening, using array-CGH or SNP microarrays, with diagnosis of single  gene disorders via PCR amplification plus mutation detection or again using SNP array.”

Senior scientist, Jonas Frisen’s laboratory, Karolinska Institute Stockholm, Sweden
“PicoPLEX is a critical and reliable component of our stem cell research at single cell level.”


David Macdonald, CEO of Agendia
“TransPLEX offers product performance and workflow advantages, producing superior results while taking less time.  In line with our commitment to ongoing innovation and product excellence, we look forward to incorporating this superior technology into our ongoing diagnostic operations.”