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Superior Performance of ThruPLEX®-FD Libraries in Whole Exome Enrichment with Agilent SureSelect® XT2 (149001)

Introduction Access to the newest DNA sequencing technologies in the past five years has offered a tremendous possibility for understanding the fundamentals of genetic information. While the cost and the amount of data generated are manageable for smaller genomes, the situation is more challenging for genomes of larger sizes. The human genome exemplifies this problem since it contains over… Read more »

High Quality NGS Library Preparation of FFPE Tissues with ThruPLEX®-FD Prep Kit (131001)

Introduction Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue from human biopsies are typically collected and preserved for morphological studies by pathologists and researchers. This fixation technique allows storage of the material at room temperature for many years by cross-linking the nucleic acids and proteins within the cells and encasing the tissue in wax. With advances in library preparation and… Read more »