Rubicon Genomics reports robust Sales Growth in 2016 and announces Early Access Program for ThruPLEX® Tag-Seq Kits

—Sales of Rubicon’s DNA Library Preparation Kits Rose 43% in First Half of 2016 as New Products Continued to Gain Traction

—ThruPLEX Tag-seq Kits Convert DNA into Molecularly Tagged Libraries Optimized for Low Frequency Allele Detection on Illumina® NGS Platforms


Ann Arbor, MI – August 17, 2016 – Rubicon Genomics, Inc., a leading provider of pre-analytical library preparation kits that increase the accuracy, efficiency and speed of genomic analysis, today reported that its product sales increased 43% in the first half of 2016 compared to the first half of 2015.  Separately, the company announced an Early Access Program for its new ThruPLEX® Tag-seq Kits.


ThruPLEX Tag-seq was developed to enable detection of low-frequency alleles with greater confidence. It combines molecular tags with Rubicon’s proprietary ThruPLEX chemistry to remove library and sequencing amplification errors. ThruPLEX Tag-seq creates molecularly tagged and sample-indexed libraries for sequencing on Illumina® NGS platforms using cell-free DNA and fragmented double-stranded DNA samples ranging from 1 to 50 ng.


“The new ThruPLEX Taq-seq Kit reflects our ongoing commitment to enhancing genomic research by providing the most advanced DNA library preparation technology available,” said James Koziarz, PhD, CEO of Rubicon. “We believe that the innovation, excellence and utility of our growing portfolio of DNA library preparation products will continue to fuel the robust sales growth of greater than 40% that we have reported every year since 2010.”


ThruPLEX proprietary stem-loop adapters provide unique molecular tags to label individual fragments, allowing computational reduction of the false positive rate resulting in high specificity and sensitivity for base calling in rare alleles. ThruPLEX Tag-seq libraries can be enriched using commercially-available or custom-designed capture panels from leading providers and can be used with liquid biopsy, fresh tissue or FFPE samples. The ThruPLEX Taq-seq Early Access Program is available to both academic and commercial researchers. For more information and to apply to participate, click here.


Jinglan Zhang, PhD, Technical Director for NGS, Baylor Miraca Genetics Laboratories, noted, “ThruPLEX Tag-seq was easy to use with its simple and straightforward protocol. The unique molecular tags reduced the false positive variant calls and enabled accurate detections of true mutations present at low frequencies.”


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