Rubicon Genomics Teams with Curio Genomics to Provide Ultra-fast Bioinformatics Software Designed for use with its NEW ThruPLEX® Tag-seq Kits

—Companies Will Co-Market Curio Software Customized for ThruPLEX Tag-seq Kits

—ThruPLEX Tag-seq Converts DNA into Molecularly Tagged Libraries Designed for Low Frequency Allele Detection—

—Attend Rubicon’s ThruPLEX Tag-seq Launch Event and Learn More about Its Unique DNA Library Preparation Products at Inaugural AGBT Precision Health Meeting—


Ann Arbor, MI – September 20, 2016 – Rubicon Genomics, Inc. today announced an agreement with Curio Genomics to co-market its ultra-fast bioinformatics software package for use with Rubicon’s new ThruPLEX® Tag-seq Kits. ThruPLEX Tag-seq creates molecularly tagged and sample indexed libraries for sequencing on Illumina® NGS platforms using cell-free or fragmented double-stranded DNA. By eliminating library and sequencing amplification errors, ThruPLEX Tag-seq enables detection of low-frequency alleles with greater confidence.

“We’re delighted to partner with Curio Genomics to further expand the unique capabilities of our ThruPLEX Tag-seq Kits for the accurate detection of low frequency genetic alterations,” said James Koziarz, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Rubicon. “Curio’s proprietary bioinformatics platform provides unprecedented speed along with a host of user-friendly capabilities that our customers will find very valuable with challenging samples such as liquid biopsies.”

Rubicon is hosting a ThruPLEX Tag-seq Launch Party at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) Precision Health Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona on Friday, September 23, 2016 at 6:00 pm in the Terrazzo Salon & Patio. Rubicon Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer John Langmore, PhD, will give a short presentation on ThruPLEX Tag-seq. Curio software will be demonstrated by Curio Genomics’ Partner Shawn Quinn. To attend this invitation-only event, contact:,

In addition, Rubicon has two presentations in the AGBT Precision Health poster session to be held September 23, 2016 from 1:30 pm-3:00 pm:

  • Rubicon Senior Director of Bioinformatics Matthew Carroll will present, “NGS libraries from cell-free DNA containing molecular tags prepared with ThruPLEX® technology improve ability to detect rare alleles.”
  • Sage Science Chief Scientific Officer Chris Boles, PhD, will present, “Efficient generation of cfDNA libraries that are highly enriched in short fragments.”Rubicon personnel will be available to discuss the company’s entire portfolio of DNA library preparation products at Booth #4.ThruPLEX proprietary stem-loop adapters provide unique molecular tags to label individual fragments, allowing computational reduction of the false positive rate resulting in high specificity and sensitivity for base calling in rare allele detection. ThruPLEX Tag-seq libraries can be enriched using commercially-available or custom-designed capture panels from leading providers and can be used with DNA from liquid biopsy, fresh tissue or FFPE samples. Researchers can choose the Curio Genomics cloud-based bioinformatics software or an open-source tool for data processing.For more information about Rubicon and its products, visit Curio Genomics                                                                                                                                      Curio Genomics’ proprietary parallelized bioinformatics platform enables unprecedented data processing speed. Intuitive and easy to use interfaces allow researchers to ask simple and complex questions simultaneously as the data is being processed, providing extensive analytic versatility and power. This unique approach also allows complex questions to be asked across multiple samples and data sets, making it possible to share, query, annotate and comment on data in real time, empowering collaboration and distributed research. For information about Curio Genomics’ bioinformatics tools, visit

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