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Methods to simplify template preparations and increase sensitivity of next-generation sequencing of short DNA and cDNA for non-invasive prenatal and cancer diagnostics as well as for FFPE-seq, ChIP-seq, and methyl-seq

J. Langmore, E. Kamberov, T. Tesmer, M. Mastronardi (Rubicon Genomics, Ann Arbor), M. Luo, M. Jeong, D. Sun, W. Lei, L. White, G. Darlington (Baylor College of Medicine, Houston) Small amounts of degraded and/or rare DNA are useful for prenatal and cancer diagnostic sequencing. Unfortunately, conventional NGS preps require ng or mg amounts of starting… Read more »

Challenges and Solutions for Preparing NGS libraries from Clinical Samples

J. Langmore, E. Kamberov, T. Tesmer, J. Jessman, M. Carey (Rubicon Genomics, Ann Arbor) Clinical samples are difficult to prepare for NGS. Plasma, serum, urine, single cancer and fetal cells, formalin-fixed tissue, and even fresh tissue are collected as small samples of variable quantity and quality. To obtain high-quality, reproducible results, the enzymology and chemistry… Read more »