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Experience with 2 methods to simplify NGS Preps of clinical samples, including FFPE tissue, plasma, immunoprecipitates and single cells

J. Langmore, E. Kamberov, T. Tesmer, M. Mastronardi (Rubicon Genomics, Ann Arbor) Formalin-fixed tissue, FNA, plasma, urine, CSF and other clinical samples were standardized for many scientific and practical reasons long before the value and limitations of genetic testing were known. These clinical samples are highly degraded, and the analytes present in limiting quantities (e.g.,… Read more »

Deep sequencing reveals distinct patterns of DNA methylation in prostate cancer

Kim Jung H, Dhanasekaran Saravana M., Prensner John R., Cao Xuhong, Robinson Daniel, Kalyana-Sundaram Shanker, Huang Christina, Shankar Sunita, Jingo Xiaojun, Iyer Matthew, Hu Ming, Sam Lee, Grasso Catherine,. Maher Christopher A, Palanisamy Nallasivam, Mehra Rohit, Kominsky Hal D, Siddiqui Javed, Yu Jindan, Qin Zhaohui S,. Chinnaiyan Arul M. Genome Research. 2011 21: 1028-1041